No matter how hard you try to keep the carpet clean is going to become dirty. Your pets and kids or those who forget to take off their shoes usually track dirt into your home. There are so many ways to clean your carpet like hire the Carpet Cleaning North Shore services or clean it by the hand, for those who can’t afford to invest machine or rent one clicking here.

Are you interested to try to clean your carpet? Here are some tips you need to know how to clean the carpet by hand in a simple way.

Carpet Cleaning North Shore Tips to Clean the Carpet by Hand

1. Clean the Carpet with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a product that can be used from baking to cleaning your carpets. This is so environmentally friendly and will tackle odors and stains in your carpet with an inexpensive price. You can simply clean your carpet. As recommended by Carpet Cleaning North Shore, just sprinkle the baking soda directly on a stain, over your floor. Like other homemade floor cleaner and carpet stain remover, these tips also work. You can lightly mist the soda with hot water in a spray bottle. Leave the mixture for at least three hours to let it absorb and soak up the dirt and odors. Use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the baking soda after the area has dried.

2. Clean Area Carpets by Hand

You can make your own carpets cleaner by mixing water, vinegar, essential oil and table salt. You can start by vacuuming the carpet to remove any loose dirt. You can proceed with cleaning the carpet by hand if the cleaning solution doesn’t discolor the area. You can mix the ingredients in a small bowl. Dip a brush or sponge into the solution and scrub the carpet.

Then, let the mixture to sit for several minutes. Get rid of the solution and fill the bowl with clean water and then rinse the carpet. To remove any excess water from the carpet with a clean or dry towel and a squeegee as recommended by Cleaning Carpet North Shore.

That’s all about tips on how to clean the carpet by hand from Carpet Cleaning North Shore. You need to prepare the material for a DIY carpet cleaner.

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