Choosing floor material for the house should not be arbitrary. Moreover, there are many types of flooring material available. Each flooring material has its character and advantages and disadvantages. Although the carpet is not the main material on the floor, the carpet into this type. For maximum hygiene and hygiene on house carpets, you can use the services of

It never hurts to first identify the types of flooring material before deciding what kind of floor you want to use in your dream home!

Ceramic floor
This first-floor material is often chosen because of its relatively practical installation process. The choice of ceramic variants also varies greatly in terms of size, texture, patterns, and colors. About the price, this type of floor can also be obtained at low prices too expensive prices though.

Parquet floor
For those of you who want a warm impression, the look of natural wood from parquet flooring materials might be an option. Besides being able to display a warm and natural impression, parquet floors are also relatively easy to install.

However, beyond the expensive price, the care required for parquet floors is also more difficult considering the natural properties of the wood it carries. Avoid stagnant water and excessive exposure to the sun so that the color of the parquet does not change rapidly and is damaged.

Vinyl Floor
To get a natural impression of parquet but with a cheaper budget? Vinyl flooring material can be a choice. Installation of vinyl flooring material is also very easy with a choice of patterns and colors that are more varied and consistent because it is factory-made. It also makes it more resistant to water and dirt when compared to parquet floors.

In addition to not being able to give the impression of a real wood floor, the disadvantage of vinyl flooring is that it is easy to peel, especially if you often shift heavy items such as cabinets and dining tables and come into direct contact with the floor.

Carpet Floor
Using a carpeted floor is very comfortable. In addition to comfort, the carpet floor also livens up the warm atmosphere in the room. The use of carpet floors is very suitable to be applied to personal spaces such as the main room, children’s room, to the family room.

It’s just that, besides the relatively expensive price, carpet flooring requires more attention. Carpet floors that are rarely cleaned will become a den of germs and bacteria. Not only is it harmful to health, but dirty carpet will also give an unpleasant odor to the room. So, make sure the carpet floor is always dry and cleaned regularly.

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