At first, glance, owning a private car does look more profitable. Whenever we need a car for any purpose, private cars are always ready to use. However, if we look deeper, car rental is far more profitable, both for individuals and companies. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a rental which provides high-class cars, you may check out the luxury car hire near your area.

Taking into account the financial and practical aspects, here are some advantages to renting a car:


From a financial perspective, the costs required to rent a car are certainly smaller. We really can’t use it any time we need it, because we have to rent it first to a car rental agent. However, we can minimize the costs. By adjusting to the needs, for example, when there are business needs or business needs, we can save even more.

In addition, buying a car will certainly be accompanied by regular tax payments and buying insurance. The cost of a car tax is arguably high enough to greatly reduce our income. Likewise, with the cost of buying insurance, the premiums every month are quite high. With car rental, tax costs and car insurance can be allocated for payment of other taxes.


The advantages of renting a car are not only in the financial aspect but also practicality. Unlike buying a car, we do not need to bother taking care of various important car ownership documents and insurance claims. These troublesome things have been handled by the rental owner, so we only need to rent and use the car.

Having a private car means that you must be prepared with all the unexpected maintenance and damage. So that the engine and spare parts of the car avoid damage, routine maintenance is needed such as oil change and service. In-car rental, we do not need to be bothered with these routine things. In addition, we can contribute a little help in the smooth transportation, given the increasingly frequent ownership of cars and cause congestion.