If you want to experience the comfort of driving in any conditions, do not hesitate to try it. You will get an amazing experience in driving through the Range Rover Series. You can visit range rover hire to get the information about which car suits the trip that you will go through. Besides the design and the technology provided in the car, Ranger Rover Series also has a lot of safety features that will guide you to arrive at the destination safely.

ISOFIX is placed in the rear seats which functions to install the child seat easily. It is also connected to the car to make sure that the child is safe.

2. Seatbelt Pretensioners
When the car is considered to have a collision, the seatbelt will automatically tighten to the occupants to an optimal seating position. Thus, it will reduce forward movement.

3. Airbags
The airbags in Range Rover Series include front-impact airbags which protect the body and head, side impact airbags in the front seats which protect the body in a collision, and overhead airbags which protect the heads.

4. Emergency Braking
If the car detects that frontal crash, the car will give a warning sign to the driver. If there is no reaction from the driver, the car will automatically activate the emergency brake.

5. Emergency Brake Assist/Anti-lock Braking System
Anti-lock brakes will work automatically if the driver applies the brake extremely. If the brake is used extremely, the tires stopped. The ABS will detect the tires and in 15 seconds will boost the brake pressure; therefore the tires will rotate again.

It looks safety, doesn’t it? Are you ready to drive a Range Rover? You can visit Range Rover Hire to see the series of it. You can also see some of our customer reviews and else just by visiting our website.