Hiring a car may be a complicated process. You will find the daily charge for a specific class of car when you search for a good hire car rate. You should come to the prestige car hire counter to find out about the fees you will be charged. Make sure you understand all the charges and review your contract. You can also look for fees by specific events. Don’t forget to ask about the charges before signing the contract.

If you’re interested to hire a car, here’s some information about the additional authorized fee for the driver.

Additional Authorized Fee in Prestige Car Hire

1. Cancellation Fee

You may be asked for a credit card to guarantee your reservation if you rent for prestige car hire models. You should find out how far in advance to cancel your reservation if you cancel the car that you rent. It is important to know that some companies will charge you with a cancellation fee after the deadline. If you cancel your car less than 24 hours before the pickup time that scheduled, the cancellation fee often involves in the prepaid rentals.

2. Lost Key Fee

You may expect to pay for the placement of you lose your prestige car hire key. You will pay for about $250 or more to replace one key but the charges can be very, it takes the high cost for smart car keys. You will also be charged if you lose the two-key key ring.

3. Frequent Traveler Program Fee

You will expect to pay the daily fee for the privilege if you decide to prestige car hire miles on a frequent traveler program, like a frequent flier account. National, for example, to add miles it will charges from $0.75 to $1.50 per day to your frequent traveler account.

Those are some information about the additional authorized fee for a prestige hire car. So, make sure to understand and know the contract well so you won’t get additional driver fee that charged.