Olive oil is known to have benefits for facial, skin and hair care. Olive oil is also quite safe if occasionally used as a lubricant. Not only until that, but this oil is also said to be able to overcome impotence, even compared to viagra. Curious about how effective olive oil is as a natural impotence medicine? On the other hand, if you need an excellent guide to cure impotence, you may buy the ereccion total pdf.

Not a few men who experience erectile dysfunction aka impotence. Men who experience this condition usually won’t last long in bed. Therefore, many impotence drugs are claimed to be able to overcome this problem quickly, whether made from natural ingredients to chemicals.

Maybe you have often heard of Viagra medicine, a pill called increasing the virility of men in bed. But, have you ever thought about trying natural impotence drugs?

Because, there are many natural ingredients that can help you solve this problem, one of which is olive oil. Not only ordinary figments, in fact, but there have also been several studies that prove the efficacy of olive oil for men.

One new study from the University of Athens has found that olive oil may be more effective than Viagra, an impotence drug that has been used frequently.

In the study, it was found that regular consumption of olive oil can reduce the risk of impotence by 40 percent in middle-aged men.

Olive oil increases testosterone levels

This natural impotence drug proved to be able to increase testosterone levels, so it can reduce the risk of sexual problems in these men. In addition, olive oil is also effective in keeping blood vessels healthy and increasing blood flow.

If blood flows smoothly and quickly, then there is little chance of impotence in men. So, experts call this natural impotence drug quite safe if used in the long term. In addition to maintaining the performance of men on the bed, olive oil is good for health in general.

Unlike Viagra which can only help overcome sexual function problems, but does not affect men’s health as a whole. Therefore, researchers concluded that the natural impotence drug from olive oil was better than viagra.