For beginner anglers, you should go fishing with some friends who are places to exchange ideas and share fishing knowledge. Each person has a different style of fishing. So, who knows your partner’s fishing style can be a source of inspiration for those of you who want to try it. Additionally, if you love to carry your fishing equipment with your backpack, we also suggest you buy the best backpacking fishing rod and reel.

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The next fishing tip is to not carry one type of bait from some of the fishing equipment used. It’s because fish must have its own instinct about free food that he can eat or even bait food. Some fish also have a taste for certain bait. So, the more diverse the baits that are stocked, the more difficult it is for fish to know the difference, and the more interested it is to touch it.

Bring some hook sizes. This is useful if you cannot predict the size of fish in the spot where you are fishing. With some size of the hook that is brought, it certainly will not complicate the activity of fishing big fish and small fish later. An important note to remember is that small hooks can be used to catch big fish, but large hooks may not be used to catch small fish.

If the fishing spot chosen is an area with coral reefs, then it is best to use popping fishing techniques.

If you see a flock of birds flying low and pecking small fish on the surface of the seawater, then use the place as a fishing area. Usually, in addition to birds, there will be tuna or tuna species which also eat small fish that are not far from sea level.

Try not to lure yourself to certain spots that you have never / rarely visited before. Therefore, watery areas can pose a greater danger than land. For example, there are estuarine crocodiles, rice snakes who like to hide in holes in the river banks, and other dangerous animals that are unpredictable.