If you are applying for a partner or spouse visa in the UK then you need to pass the b1 test. It is important to learn the language especially when you are planning to live in the said country because communication is necessary. If you want to get unlimited information, learning English can fulfill that desire. Currently, the flow of information has been global since the ease of the internet. Various information and knowledge can be found in cyberspace. But unfortunately, the limitations of language acquisition can be obstacles. Learning English is necessary, why? Because English is the language most understood by people on this earth, although not the most widely used. Therefore English is used as an international language for communication. Even English is the second language and official language for some countries. Nearly all major references use English, from education to technology. There are many reasons why it is necessary to learn English, although English is one of the languages ​​that are difficult to learn because it is not a native language but mastering English is important.

English is the language of international communication by speakers of various languages ​​throughout the world. When users of various languages ​​come together, they generally use English to communicate with each other. For example, business people who have a world orientation are highly required to master English, especially for businesses that have activities related to companies in other countries. English is widely used in writing high-level scientific papers and international references. By mastering English will absorb more information and knowledge from around the world. And conversely, if you make scientific papers in English will be read by more people.

The latest technology from computers, gadgets and other technology tools uses English as the language of instruction to give instructions to its users. If English is mastered, then you will be faster to understand technology. Learning English is necessary as a necessity in the current era of globalization. There are many benefits that we can get even better if we study English seriously and master it. What is needed is a strong will to learn.