Watching a movie is usually done in theaters in malls and other entertainment centers. But, what if this can be realized at home? It’s easy, you can make a beautiful mini cinema for your family or friends. For fans of widescreen cinema, of course, the film schedule that airs every month is a wait. Moreover, if the cinema is a sequel to hits and continues to be a conversation to date. For example, films made by Marvel, DC, and others. While waiting for favorite shows to appear, of course, there is a desire to watch previous films with the same feel as in a real cinema. Therefore, not a few people who try to create the feel of watching a movie, but at home with the help of a free streaming site like 123movies websites.

Without spending a lot of money, can create a simple mini cinema. Several HDTVs currently have the latest models that are very thin and light, so that makes it easy to move plus a variety of smart features. Today’s HDTV models have lower prices because they are common. The receiver will handle all connections between video and audio for your system. The existence of a receiver makes you have a more organized system in terms of connections between each device. If there is one thing that makes the feel of a mini cinema feel, the answer is the speaker. Same with HDTV, now there are many sophisticated speakers at an affordable price considering that almost all devices have the latest technology.

A soundbar is also important. Its function is the same as the speaker, but it becomes an explosive power amplifier that is usually installed on the sides of the room. Soundbar needs are optional, which means you can choose to use it or not if you are downsizing. An HDMI cable, component video, composite video, Ethernet cable, or regular old speaker cable will be needed to complete the perfection of mini cinema. One by one the equipment above, you can arrange in such a way as to form a home theater network in your own home.