The main furniture in the living room is a sofa and a coffee table. The presence of a sofa makes guests and homeowners feel more comfortable when sitting and chatting. But some people even like to sit on the floor or use rugs because they are free, chat time becomes more intimate, and the atmosphere becomes more cheerful. Well, you can use the Carpet Cleaners Northshore for a suitable alternative to this option.

This is not a problem as long as you can arrange the living room properly using a rug. Confused? Here comes the idea for Kania Buddy!

1. Living room with bohemian rugs
Speaking of rugs, you can’t just skip the Bohemian concept. For this concept, you need to choose rugs with eccentric colors such as green, red, and yellow. Don’t be afraid to use 2 or 3 rugs at the same time with different colors and motifs because it will look even more stylish. For added comfort, put a few chairs, small pillows, and ottoman.

2. Living room with modern minimalist style rugs
Who says the use of rugs is not suitable for a modern minimalist style living room and can reduce the beauty of the interior? The living room is actually comfortable and still beautiful. A rug suitable for this modern minimalist style is the short hairy type with a tassel at the edges. For color, choose one that matches the interior. Instead of using a pillow, try using a bean bag as a backrest.

3. Rugs for living room and sitting
For guests who are elderly, sitting on the floor will be difficult and quite tiring. If you often have guests like this, you should make a living room with a rug that can be used for sitting on the floor as well as providing a seat. The parents can sit comfortably, the young ones can freely lie underneath using soft pillows. Don’t forget to provide a coffee table with short legs to serve snacks and drinks.

4. Fleece rugs instead of rugs
If you feel that the rug is not by the interior style of the house, there is nothing wrong with replacing the carpet with a fur rug. After all, with a fur rug, the atmosphere will be warmer and more comfortable. It is guaranteed that you and your guests will feel comfortable chatting for a long time. If the living room is small, use a small feather rug that doesn’t cover the entire floor surface. Thus, the living room will not look claustrophobic.

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