If traveling to Otaru City in Japan, don’t forget to bring home unique custom music boxes as a souvenir. You can also peek at the manufacturing process.

The sound of the Kokoro No Tomo humming bell rang softly from a white painted box that rotates clockwise. The song’s melody is familiar to our ears. A gentleman in a shop in Otaru City, Hokkaido, Japan, invites tourists to enter the music box property shopping area.

Otaru City is popular as a music box warehouse in Sakura. Originally the name of the object was Orugeru, now called the Orgel. In this region stands the Otaru Music Box Museum which was built in 1912. Its location is in the Sakaimachi region.

Before shopping for souvenirs at the museum, one of the shops at the beginning of this paper can be a recommendation for tourists who are enjoying a holiday in Otaru. The shop is about 30 meters from the museum and presents the practice of decorating music boxes with various knick-knacks. Tourists or visitors can immediately mix the music box display design according to the choice of properties available in the store.

It took 10 minutes to decorate a music box with a bell ringed by Kokoro No Tomo. Such music boxes are sold in museums. One tour guide said Otaru Music Box Museum which has three floors offers a variety of souvenirs made of ceramic and glass music boxes. In the museum are stored ancient items such as clocks.

Every day the museum is crowded with buyers. To enter the museum, no ticket is collected or free. This museum operates at 09.00-18.00 local time. Living in an old European-style building, the Otaru Music Box Museum is one of the tourist destinations in Otaru. Right in front of the museum stands the jumbo clock tower that is hunted by tourists for a background photo. For those of you who have vacation plans to Japan, don’t miss this opportunity.