Learning English can be done by self-taught, learning can use any media and in various ways. Because learning English is very important especially to meet certain conditions usually use an English test, such as TOEFL, IELTS, or even a www.britishlifeskills.com/uk-spouse-visa-english-test-a1-a2/. Here are some tips for learning English in a self-taught way.

• Learning material (written, audio and visual)
Fun learning material that you can find for example through writing or books. You can buy interesting English books. Of course, this can add to your vocabulary as well as familiarize you to practice listening to English. Through film, you can also distinguish different English accents.

If you want to increase your ability again. You can try to listen to the podcast and try to understand what issues or topics are discussed in the podcast. By listening to podcasts, you can familiarize yourself by listening to conversations in English.

You can also buy a dictionary or download you on your smartphone. The dictionary is a book that you must have to learn English. You can increase your vocabulary to learn simple words and sentence patterns in English. The material can also be found online, various sites have provided it.

• Anytime and anywhere
One of the advantages of self-taught learning is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. This can improve English skills quickly, easily and effectively.

Fill your smartphone with free English learning modules or applications so you can access them wherever and whenever. You can also bring English novels or books, so you can read them in your spare time.

• Practice it routinely
To master English requires practice skills. If you have mastered several English words and sentence patterns, then you can try conversations. You can use the virtual world as your learning media. Expand the conversation from the ordinary to a complex topic of conversation. The key is that you must be committed to learning English. With commitment, perseverance and patience, you can certainly master English easily.

• Practising with a Monologue
Practising English can be done one of them by doing a monologue. You can practice how you say a few words in English, how to show expressions and how you control the words you want to say.

Join the English Community
You can also search for English communities around you. Joining the English community not only helps you get used to speaking English but can also increase your connection. You can also get knowledge from other members who have better English skills than you.

• Travel to English-speaking Countries
You can also travel abroad and try to talk directly with native speakers. By travelling, you can immediately find out how certain accents sound and can train you to continue to speak in English.

• Learn a lot of English vocabulary
This is very important. Our ability to use the right words or vocabulary is needed. You can take notes to expand your English vocabulary. It’s easy, every time you hear a word you’ve never heard before or a word you don’t know the meaning of, try to note the word together with how to read and the meaning of the word.

The more words you write, it will help you to remember the meaning of the word. You can also save the word notes if needed in the future.

Here it is some ways you can do to learn English by yourself. Have a good study!