The sound of water droplets coming from the kitchen seems to be a nightmare for you. Besides being able to trigger dirty puddles, it can also cause an unpleasant odor if left unattended. So that cooking activities are not disturbed, use this first aid to find water leaks in the kitchen. Find the source of the leak first before trying to fix it or calling the best plumbers in San Diego. If you hear dripping water in the sink, it can be ascertained that the water faucet has a problem.

Meanwhile, if there is a puddle or dampness under the sink, then there is a possibility that the drain is clogged with dirt that is wasted when washing kitchen utensils. In addition, walls that look damp and even moldy are also an indication of pipe leaks that occur inside the walls. After some time of use, the faucet in the kitchen can leak. Even if the faucet is turned off, water still seeps out or drips. This can be caused by damage to the faucet itself or a leak at the connection between the water pipe and the faucet. If the condition of the faucet is still good, then the possibility of interference occurs in the connection of the water pipe and faucet.

Perform first aid by turning off the water source first, then release the faucet by turning it counterclockwise. Then wind the pipe insulator on the faucet thread at least twice and try to get the results evenly. Finally, reinstall the faucet by turning it clockwise and then tightening it with a pipe wrench or wrench. Frequently throwing food scraps and other trash into the sink or not installing a filter in the sink drain can result in a blockage in the drain. As a result, not only is the sink often flooded, the flow to the drain is not smooth, causing unpleasant odors and leaks.