Men’s wedding rings are generally made simpler than women’s wedding rings. For the type of metal itself, they usually choose gold, palladium, or silver. However, at this time, the tungsten metal began favored by men to be used as a wedding ring. However, what is the tungsten wedding bands?

Male wedding rings are usually chosen based on the fun, personality, and style of the man. Well, men’s wedding rings with tungsten metal are the most popular wedding ring choices today, especially for couples who want to look different and stand out from other couples. Why? Come on, see the following explanation.

Tungsten is a type of metal with a high level of melting point and good tensile strength so it can form a ring that is very durable. Pure tungsten is a lightweight metal with a grayish color that is soft enough to be cut and shaped into a ring. Tungsten wedding rings are made by combining tungsten and carbon to form tungsten carbide, thus forming a ring that is hard and resistant to scratches.

Why Should Men Choose Tungsten Rings?

Long-lasting Men’s Wedding Rings

Tungsten is a wedding ring that is durable and resistant to scratches so it is suitable for men with an active lifestyle. In fact, this tungsten wedding ring is more durable than gold, palladium, silver, and platinum.

Affordable prices

Generally, these rings have a lower price compared to gold or platinum. However, it is higher than titanium or stainless steel.

There Are Various Designs

You don’t need to worry about the model or design of a tungsten wedding ring. There are several designs that men can choose for their wedding rings. Many men choose black for their wedding rings to make them look more masculine.

Tungsten Is Not Rusty Or Stained

Over time, silver metal will have stains, titanium will have blue patina, and stainless steel will rust. However, this does not occur in tungsten wedding rings if treated properly. Apart from the color and model, this also makes men choose tungsten wedding rings.