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Beforehand, we will introduce you to the sales funnel.

Sales funnels are components or parties that play an important role in marketing purposes. They are the people, organizations, and activities needed to be the link in the process of transferring, owning, and delivering goods and producers to consumers.

Sales funnels are also useful tools for management and are essential for creating an effective and well-planned marketing strategy. Without a Sales funnel, consumers will find it difficult to get the goods they need. Likewise with producers, without Sales funnels, producers will find it difficult to convey their products to consumers.

Manufacturers can simultaneously reach consumers through direct markets, such as websites, or sell to other companies or retailers who will reach consumers through other channels, namely stores. An example of this type of channel is a franchise.

Business actors who become Sales funnels carry out their respective functions in order to achieve a goal, namely so that products can reach consumers easily, on time, and can be available at any time when consumers need them.