The small room impression could be more spacious by applying the right design concept to your home. Besides that, without the correct choice of design, a small house will look boring and feels narrow. That’s why, according to the, a small, minimalist house requires the right concept and design in order to make it feels wider and looks more beautiful.

Here are the tips that you need to know :

1. Bring the spacious illusion
The messy and narrow room is the main factor that stimulates the boredom. The minimalist home design must be simple and clean. The word “clean” means that the house should be free from the unwanted or unused furniture. You can try to organize the furniture in every room gradually. Make sure that each furniture that’s being placed in the house is useful. Don’t put too much wall decorations or another type of displays that will make the room feel narrower.

2. The choice of the minimalist base paint
Avoid the striking colors for the base paint of the house. Those colors will make the house feel cramped and crowded. Choose the light colors instead, such as white and grey. Then you can combine those light colors with the heavier ones. The cream color is also recommended as well. However, if you really wish to make the home feels a little bit more crowded, you can apply the monochromatic colors on the wall of your home.

3. Choose the furniture wisely
For the example, in the living room, you can choose to use the couch as the main attraction in that room, while the bed would be the one for the bedroom. Combine them with other furniture with the same concept and color. However, make sure that you don’t put too much furniture in every room. Another trick for the spacious illusion is that you can put the furniture in the center of the room, so the room will feel more spacious, that’s because you can walk around the furniture.