When you choose Hongkong as your family vacation destination, you can consider the sea view by using a yacht. To make your vacation more comfortable with your family, we recommend you to Luxury Superyacht Charter. Thus, your family can be free and enjoy the fresh sea air and beautiful scenery that surrounds it. Moreover, Hong Kong is famous for its stunning night view when viewed from a yacht. You can see the many lights that illuminate all the towering skyscrapers and you will see the beautiful city view, of course, the cold night atmosphere will also increase your romance with your partner.

Besides trying to take a vacation using a yacht, you will not run out of other exciting attractions to visit when you are on vacation in Hong Kong. Because there are still many Hong Kong tourist destinations that you can enjoy with your family or with your friends there. Another tour that is no less cool is taking the ferry from the port of Victoria Bay, where this is indeed the right place to take a photoshoot or to take a selfie yourself. Of the several ferries that are in the port of Victoria, this can dock to several destinations.

Furthermore, if you have the opportunity, you must visit Madame Tussauds because apart from the one in Bangkok, the famous wax museum, this is indeed in Hong Kong. There are several wax statues in the form of famous world figures, ranging from world leaders to artists, to movie characters, animations, and others. If you want to take pictures with famous artists from Hongkong like Andy Lau and it is very difficult for you to take pictures with him, then at Madame Tussauds Museum, you will be able to take pictures with him. Of course with a wax statue that looks a lot like her