To keep your business running, you need to increase turnover. But how do you increase your online business sales turnover? Before that, you can visit our website and see Multiple Income Funnel reviews.

Encouraging Repeat Business
Many businesses think only about how to get new customers and neglect to retain existing ones. Business relationships are all about trust and who already trusts you apart from those who have already bought in your shop? Give a promo for those who have ordered a second time, or give a promo code after the first purchase, so that the promo code encourages buyers to buy products at your store again.

Give Promo
Give your loyal customers an offer they can’t refuse. You can give them a discount. Coupons are very effective for new customers not to think twice about buying. Coupled with the existence of a time limit, it can also encourage buyers to buy quickly.

Use Brilliant Product Description
Many studies show that users or buyers only scheme words on websites and rarely read the entire content of the page. This means you should make your product description easy to read. Use bullet points, large, easy-to-read fonts, and plenty of free space so it’s not cluttered.

Use Product Photos
Online shoppers rely on sample photos of what they are about to buy. Make these photos as attractive as possible, but remember to always make them real, don’t edit them too much so that they seem fake. You don’t need a high-end or expensive camera, all you need is a decent camera, a tripod, and a white background in a well-lit room. Edit a little so that the photo looks more “clean”, the photo is ready to be uploaded. Have an extra budget? You can find a special professional for product photos.

Use Social Media
Facebook accounts for 64% of total social media revenue.
Instagram contributed 58 to engagement
YouTube videos make up 54% in ads

So don’t let you not use social media, even if you sell on other platforms. Make the most of social media to bring new buyers to your store.