There is an art to pairing your style with a watch. There is no right or wrong choice in which wrist to wear a watch. However, when referring to the rules for a long time, the hands worn by the watch are not the dominant hands. If you are right hand dominant, then wear a watch on your left hand. Nevertheless, in this hit-and-run fashion era, there are no fixed rules. You can use it as you wish, left or right hand. It all depends on comfort and confidence in wearing the mens watch. At present, many watchmakers are incorporating diving, sports, and adventure activities into formal designs. This also makes a little confusion in the distribution of types of watches. However, the average watch is still thick with a sports design, characterized by having a rubber strap and a larger case. Therefore, a watch of this type is not suitable if it must be worn with a suit.

If you want to try outside the sports function, you can wear these watches with more casual clothes. Wear dress watches if you want to look presentable in a suit. This type of watch is usually cleaner and emphasizes simple functions, such as only the hands of hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. In terms of size, it also tends to be slimmer and has a traditionally shaped case paired with a leather or stainless steel strap. The design is solely dedicated to making you look your best when dressed formally, from business suits to luxurious tuxedos.

Apart from the two watches above, aviation and sport watches are also worth a try. Especially now, this type of watch is on the rise. If you are a little conservative, this watch fits perfectly with a suit or tuxedo. However, if you want to be more casual, there’s no harm in combining it with a blazer and jeans; denim shirt with chino pants; shirt and shorts; or a leather jacket with jeans. Strap choices on the market are increasingly diverse. It can be used to maximize the watch you have. If you want to change the look of the watch from formal to smart casual, you can replace the black leather strap with brown. Each strap material has its place and purpose. Therefore, you need to know the event you are going to attend and adjust your watch style.