The use of tiles has now become a favourite choice that is often used to cover the surface of the floor and walls of buildings in homes, offices and even public facilities. In addition to good durability, covering the floor and walls with tiles also provides convenience in maintaining cleanliness. But it is still inevitable that tiles will also experience a decrease in appearance (obsolete) if neglect in maintaining cleanliness that is mainly stubborn stains so that it becomes crust that is difficult to remove. The dull tile surface is caused by dirt that settles because it has been left too long which in the end makes the outer layer prone to scratches. You need to use service to help you get the shiny tiles back in your house.

Stains on tiles that have caused the colour to become dull can be removed using vinegar liquid. Pour the vinegar solution into a dull area then leave it for about 15 minutes. Use a dry cloth to scrub the surface to get the original colour of the tile. For the final stage of cleaning washed with a floor cleaning product to remove the aroma of vinegar and make the surface colour and motif of the tile shine again. Note, never use chemicals that erode the layers of tiles such acidic solutions even with low levels. At first glance, it will indeed make your tiles look clean, but in fact, your layer of tile has been peeled off little by little until the next few months will look dull again even this time it has been fatal and will not be cleaned again.

To clean stains and tile crust due to splashes of liquid in the form of oil and the like you can use wheat flour. Sprinkle flour powder on the surface exposed to oily solution let stand a few moments so that the flour has begun to appear to absorb oil. Then rub using a dry cloth, then rinse using a wet cloth plus a floor cleaning product. But if the stains persist then you know it is time to call the professional tile cleaning service.

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