Seeing the increasingly stretched mobile world, of course also attracts interest for application developers to join in the mobile world. Demand for mobile application developers continues to increase, I myself am often asked by friends who are struggling in the mobile industry to look for mobile application developers who can be invited to work together or become employees in their companies. If you want to develop applications, you can visit our website to find the best Mobile App Development Singapore services.

For application developers who want to or are new to the mobile world, it might be a bit confusing to see the many platforms that are available today to develop mobile applications. Now there are several popular platforms for developing mobile applications, they are:

Developer’s official site: iOS Developer Center

Developer’s official site:

Developer’s official site:

Windows Phone
Developer’s official site: App Hub

Nokia S40
Developer’s official site:

Java ME
Developer’s official site: Java ME

For beginners, it might be a good idea to start learning the Java ME platform first because it is very likely that application developers who have studied in information technology majors must have learned the Java programming language. For application developers who are basically from the web but don’t want to be too complicated in learning a mobile programming language, maybe you can try helper devices such as PhoneGap or Titanium where the programming languages used are based on HTML and JavaScript.

Suggestions when you want to jump into the mobile world as an application developer is not fanatical to one platform because each platform has advantages and disadvantages. And also, the mobile industry is developing very fast so that in the near future there will be one platform that will “die” and other popular platforms will grow. You can visit our website and we will help you with it.