The home foundation is closely related to the support of the strength of a building. Thanks to the foundation, the house is able to stand tall and can be inhabited safely. Do you know that the foundation consists of various types? Basics can basically be grouped into shallow foundations and deep foundations. Foundations that have a depth of fewer than 3 meters are called shallow foundations. While the deep foundation is a foundation that reaches a depth of 3 meters or more. You can ask for Foundation and Crawl Space Pros help to get the best one.

Each home foundation has its advantages and disadvantages. So how to choose the right home foundation?

Pay attention to the house to be built. The higher the house to be built, the stronger the supporting capacity of the foundation needed. So, this height factor plays a very important role in choosing the type of foundation. Houses with two floors may still be supported by shallow foundations. But if you want a lot of floors, consider taking a deep foundation that has the best carrying capacity.

Things to consider in choosing the type of foundation:

Soil conditions that will be connected to the foundation
The type of building that is supported by an upper structure
Project environmental factors
Job fee
Availability of building materials in the surrounding area
The time during foundation work

Consider soil carrying capacity:
If the hard ground is located on the ground floor or 2-3 meters below the ground, then the type of shallow foundation. (example: stone lane foundation, plate foundation, and Strauss foundation).
If hard soil is located at a depth of about 10 meters or more below the surface of the soil then the type of foundation that can be used is a mini pile, wells, and bored pile.
If the hard ground is located at a depth of 20 meters or more below the ground level, it can use the type of pile foundation and bored pile.