Geofencing has become one of the most important tools in marketing as you can see at Geofencing has many uses that could make our lives a little bit easier to manage. File managers use geofencing to create routes that can be used by drivers. If a truck moves outside the route determined by geofence, an alert can be sent to the fleet manager or driver notifying them that they have deviated from the designated route. Used primarily as a security tool to protect truck fleets from theft or as an efficiency aid to reduce costs by enforcing the use of selected routes.


Perhaps one of the initial uses was the creation of location-based mobile ads that work on smartphones with location services. This type of application can provide tips or information about items for sale when the smartphone is close to a store or service. Similar applications are being used in the tourism industry, using geofencing to provide information about exhibits or historical sites close to you. Similar to livestock monitoring, the pet location system uses a collar that allows GPS to monitor the location of the pet. When the pet moves beyond virtual boundaries, perhaps your property line, an alert will be sent to the owner. Multiple pet systems allowed for multiple geofences, each with a different alert that could be sent like your dog is on a rose again, or a little worse, your dog is on the neighbor’s rose again. Pet location systems also usually offer GPS tracking to help recover your pet if it gets lost.

Geofencing can be combined with a smart home system to allow the light to come on when you get home, lock to unlock or lock, heat or cool down to increase or decrease. One example is HomeKit which includes a set of Leaving Home and Arriving Home automation macros that are triggered by geofences around your home. When you arrive the house lights might come on, exterior doors could open and the stereo might be tuned to your favorite station. When you leave, the garage door may close, lock the door, dim the lights, and the heat or cooling level may drop.