In simple terms, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers work by removing oxygen from around the fire and replacing it with carbon dioxide. As stated earlier, there is no fire if there is no oxygen around it. But there are 2 ways this CO² fire extinguishing system works. Namely from the automatic fire extinguishing system and using the fire extinguisher or manual. To make sure it works properly, do fire extinguisher inspection service.

Automatic Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
Automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are generally already integrated with other fire protection systems in the building. So that when a fire is detected in a room with the categories mentioned above, the system will immediately send a signal to the fire extinguisher. Then the fire extinguisher will immediately spray carbon dioxide gas with high pressure into the room for a few seconds. Precisely until all the gas in each tube runs out. Generally, an automatic extinguishing system like this is placed in a room that is rarely or even not allowed to be entered by just anyone. For example, a machine room in a factory or a room with lots of high-voltage electronics.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Manual
Manual CO² fire extinguishers have a way of working that is not much different from the use of other types of fire extinguishers. When there is a fire in a certain room, the officers can directly spray carbon dioxide gas from the fire extinguisher tube towards the fire. Unlike the automatic system, which will immediately spit out gas until all the contents in the tube are used up, this manual CO² extinguisher can be used as needed. So if the fire extinguisher is indeed used to find a way out or extinguish the fire to the evacuation route, bus officers use it in a small way or just enough.

Generally, security officers at certain factories are required to attend training to use various types of fire extinguishers. That way if there is a fire at their place of duty, they can overcome or at least keep the fire from spreading and spreading immediately. Because unlike other fire extinguishers, the funnel at the end other than the CO² fire extinguisher will become very cold when the gas has been released. Because basically, carbon dioxide has a cold temperature that can actually hurt if it comes into direct contact with body parts.