Anyone who has established and grown a business is aware of how difficult it is. It’s a road that requires a lot of hard work and is loaded with exciting challenges, from coming up with a decent, marketable idea to gaining clients.

But the benefits are enormous if you manage to hang on and achieve your professional objectives. I recently asked my friend Sabri Suby, the Head of Growth at the internet marketing firm King Kong, how he launched a company in his bedroom with nothing and grew it to $4 million in revenue in just two years. You can also find many King Kong agency reviews on the internet.

Give us some details about your business’s beginning.

Ever since I dropped out of college, I have founded, operated, and sold several businesses. They were all focused on the digital realm. I had created several growth methods throughout the years that were returning $10, $50, or even $200 for every dollar I spent on marketing.

I looked at what other agencies were doing and noticed that social reach, click-through rates, and impressions seemed to be the only topics they discussed. None of them used real money or return on investment when speaking. I had received quotations for these kinds of digital marketing services numerous times, and every single one of them was absurdly high—tens of thousands of dollars for something as basic as banner ads.

I observed a significant market need for a company that might increase a client’s marketing expenditure into ROI. No “wishy-washy branding initiatives,” only effective customer acquisition and money generation.

In my bedroom, armed just with a computer, I took a decision and launched the company. Within days of making cold calls to potential clients, I got my first client.

– Could you tell us how many hours a week you work and your full schedule?

From the moment I open my eyes till I close them at night, work begins. As an entrepreneur, I treat everything I do as work since it all contributes to my identity as a person, my level of energy, and the outcomes and objectives I have for my company. I often put in 90+ hours every week.