Utilizing the aroma of rat poison is effective to make mice that nest in the house die one by one. Just like a mousetrap, you also have to spread rat poison in some areas of the house that are often visited by mice. However, there is a drawback for this method. The use of poison makes a dead mouse just lying there without a mat. Usually, the rats will look for some ideal places such as the streets, bathrooms, or near swimming pools before they actually die. That’s why if you don’t want to deal with dead rats by yourself, we recommend you call the best exterminator Columbia SC.

Sometimes even mice can die in places that are invisible and difficult to reach. That is why you only realize the death of mice after the smell of rotting carcasses. Reconsider the use of rat poison if you have children and pets at home.

Then, in addition to using the many mousetraps that are sold in the market, in fact, you can use household appliances that are not used to make your own mouse traps. For example, using buckets, plywood boards, and adhesive glue.

You do this by rubbing the top of the board or one side of the bucket with adhesive glue, then place a food treat on the glue. Mice that are tempted and want to take food, will automatically stick to glue and get stuck on boards or buckets.

Finally, although various methods of repelling mice can be done by anyone, it’s a different story if the population of rats at home is too much.

In this case, you may inevitably have to call in a pest control team that will help catch mice at home. They usually have their own way of getting rid of mice which are different from your method. You need to make sure that the pest control team that you’re going to hire is licensed, so you can hire the trusted experts who can work effectively, and they also won’t scam you in any way.