A mic preamp is a device that is located after the microphone and before the tone control or commonly known as an amplifier. This circuit has a very important function for the use of the microphone so that if there is the damage it must be repaired immediately by eliminating noise on the mic preamp. One of the most frequently used types of preamps is the preamp for SM7B.

One of the problems that often come with the microphone used is the noise caused by the mic preamp itself. So, so that you can overcome the hum on the mic preamp, see the review below.

Mic Preamp Function

Before discussing further how to remove noise on a mic preamp, do you know what the function of a mic preamp circuit is? Now it turns out that this one component serves to amplify the electrical signal from the microphone which is still weak.

So that later the electrical signal issued will be by the criteria before entering the amplifier device and selected through the equalizer and tone control. In its use, the mic preamp uses a way of working that starts from capturing the sound signal by the microphone.

1. The condenser mic preamp is simple and small following the condenser type mic.
2. Dynamic mic preamp that has an echo. This type is a complex mic preamp because it has the additional feature of a digital echo circuit.

How to Eliminate Noise on the Most Powerful Mic Preamp
1. The first step is to check the mic cable. Make sure all cables are installed properly and away from sources of noise interference such as voltage, power supply, and so on.
2. Then measure the voltage that flows in the mic preamp. The output voltage can be smaller or larger, but if the voltage is not appropriate then this could be the cause of the noise.
3. Next check the volume that is feared to be too large because it can make the buzzing worse. In this series of mic preamps, if you use a trimpot, make sure the settings are correct and the volume is not too large.
4. The last step is to ensure that the grounding installation is running smoothly. This installation uses a series of mic and body preamps.