The highest value held, in bookkeeping, is responsibility. To be able to take responsibility, certain conditions are needed which can only be realized if they have the basic characteristics needed. You can look for Bookkeepers near me by looking at their work experience if you are in doubt with inexperienced bookkeepers. Here are some basic characters that absolutely must be possessed to become reliable bookkeepers:

1. Accurate
Talking about bookkeeping is talking about 2 things, namely: (a) numbers and (b) money. The numbers must be accurate. The use of money (other people/business owners) must be held accountable. So that the work of bookkeepers is to calculate the numbers and money used in business activities.

2. Details
Accuracy requires details. Without enough detail, accuracy will not be achieved. Every bookkeeping job, either, is always detailed. For someone, a bookkeeper, something that is not detailed tends to be inaccurate and automatic that cannot be justified. That is why they tend to get used to things that are detailed and not accustomed to the opposite. Attention to detail is always good at doing anything, both in business and daily activities.

3. Logical
Although a lot of work uses numbers bookkeeping is not an exact science because many use principles and assumptions, but it is still in a logical range.
In understanding the problem (work) bookkeeping, bookkeepers are not completely rigid, can accept things that are still in the logical range, but not for something that is not logical.

Logical is a positive value in any dimension of life, both in the business and social environment. In a business environment, for example, the basic input of minimal decision-making must be logical, cannot use inconsequential assumptions and considerations. And in the social sphere of society, logic is more acceptable than illogical.

4. Measured
The logic that can still be accepted in bookkeeping is measurable. So you could say that measurable logic is the lowest quality that can be tolerated. The logic that is considered measurable in bookkeeping is the logic contained in the principles and assumptions that have gone through sufficient testing, then agreed upon and accepted by the public.

To be able to carry out the main function as a gauge, especially in the business environment, a bookkeeper is required to think, talk, behave, and act, all measured. Concretely: a bookkeeper thinks, talks, then takes action.