The habit to invest should be growing in every circle, especially those who are the younger generation or often referred to as the millennial generation. Besides, the phenomenon of inflation also haunts the financial situation that is currently owned. The current value of money can be low in the future due to price increases. Seeing these two things, it is appropriate to realize the importance of investment. There are many investment media to choose from. One of them is by investing in gold.

What is gold investment and how to invest in gold? Gold investment is an activity for precious metal investments, namely gold. This commodity has long been known as a symbol of wealth. Besides, he is also known as a tool to protect the value of wealth. Generally, gold is used as jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry. That is why gold is often used as a symbol of wealth. Gold investment or precious metal investment can be done by buying the gold directly physically which is then stored or by using financial products such as gold savings. Gold investment using gold savings has a safer advantage because the storage of gold is borne by the party providing the savings product, whereas if the physical investment is no safer. After all, it needs to provide its place for the gold purchased.

The media for the gold investment itself can be by way of traditional gold investment, namely by visiting institutions that sell gold or investing in gold online. Gold investment is the safest investment of precious metals because it will not be eroded by inflation and has a high level of privacy. So the amount of gold that you have is the only you who knows. Promising profits because the price of gold every year on average always rises. In general, gold has increased every year. Although there are years where the gold is down, more shows an increase.