Engaging is clearly a very pleasant and memorable thing for many people. Because many of them are waiting for it. Especially those who already have a long time relationship with their lovers. The moment of engagement was clearly a very memorable moment for them. However, at that moment, make sure you have the right Black ceramic rings for your lover.

The engagement moment will obviously not be complete without a circular ring on his ring finger. However, to choose the right ring for the engagement, there are some tips that you can try, like

1. Adjust the budget you have
To push yourself to buy a fancy engagement ring, certainly not the right action. You need to measure how much your salary is, and how much savings you have. Then, when you set the budget to buy the engagement ring. After all, whatever the ring, as long as you buy it with sweat and struggle, women will also melt.

2. Determine the size of your lover’s finger circumference
This is an important thing to do. Do not let you choose the size of the finger circumference. The only thing is that the woman will feel unnoticed, and assume you don’t know her physically. Because of that, before you borrow the ring he usually wears, then match it with the engagement ring that you will buy.

3. Select suitable material
Many kinds of materials offered by jewelry stores. There is silver metal studded with diamonds, white gold, and the most popular is gold. You can discuss it first with your lover. He wants what kind of material, whether luxurious or minimalist but elegant. It all depends on the partner’s taste.

4. Select the ring eye that matches the character
The eye of the ring is also interesting to discuss. There are some women who like the eyes of diamond rings, there are some who prefer the eye rings of ordinary metal. Again, this suits your partner’s taste. So it’s important for discussion, or at least match the paired character with the ornaments that will be purchased.