Before painting, of course, we need equipment that we will use. What tools do we need when painting oil? Choose canvas that has been given a primer or Gesso. Gesso is the outer layer of canvas which functions to close the fabric pores so that the paint does not penetrate easily to the back of the canvas. If you want to make a landscape painting, choose an elongated canvas (not a box). For example the size of 40 x 60 cm, 50 x 70 cm etc. This size can also be used for portrait (standing canvas position upright), with this position is also good for painting figures can be in groups or alone. When buying oil painting kits for beginners, there are several quality pigments to choose from. There is the best quality called Artist Quality, there is a medium quality pigment called Fine Quality, and there is a low-level pigment that is often referred to as Studio Quality. Each quality has a different price, vulnerable to the color change, up to the number of color choices offered.

After we pay attention to things before painting oil, it’s time we discuss what equipment is needed in painting oil paint. Brushes in various shapes. At least there is a sharp, square, and filbert or arch. Or if you want to have a thick, textured painting, you can use a palette knife. Medium oil or often also called linseed oil. Generally, the medium is divided into several types depending on the length and time of drying. For example, if you want the old one to dry because the paintings are often left behind, choose Refined Linseed Oil. If you need some time to paint, choose normal oil medium painting, or if you want the results to dry faster, choose Quickdrying or Liquin Original painting medium.

Protect the painting by adding special varnish oil paints. But it must be noted that oil paint is a paint that takes a long time to dry. If you want to protect the painting permanently, let the painting dry for at least 3 months (6 months for thick paintings). Because in the period below that, the painting still needs time to dry out as a whole.