Those that know, tell of an amazing driving experience when taking the wheel. The first print to snare you is the auto’s huge size. The Range Rover dominates the road and it’s elevated driving position allows you to literately look down on other motorists. The alternate thing to attract your attention is the high position of specification. The new range rover hire is now far removed from it’s agrarian ancestors from the 1970’s and comes with all widgets and comforts you would anticipate from a high end luxury taproom, similar as Sat Nav, voyage control, onboard computer and indeed puffing seats. Also, if you want to tinker with anything, it’ll have a button to do it for you with electrical malleable seats, glasses, suspense settings and heating. The range rover hire specification extends to what you can not see, boasting full traction control, ten airbags, including side airbags, ABS and immobiliser.

Once you settle in behind the wheel and fire up the machine you’re also struck by the sheer power at your disposal. The4.2 litre supercharged machine produces a massive 390 BHP and is ready to launch you from a standing launch to 60 MPH is under seven seconds. Should the occasion arise on an Autobahn or on a track day, it’ll amaze you by reaching a top speed of 147 MPH. Its on the motorway the stylish can be set up when driving the Range Rover Sport. The magnific4.2 litre machine devours the long hauls with little trouble while all the passengers sit in luxury watching the decor change around them. The response from the machine is superb and leaves you in no mistrustfulness you have the power for the job despite the Range Rover’s size. The range rover hire manoeuvrability of the Sport is also good and with the elevated station, great visibility and light touch steering means you do not have to be a brute to keep the auto in check. All road parking detectors also help when in amongst business in tight spots.