Social media is widely known as a place to interact with many people in cyberspace as you can see at Planet Zukunft. By having an account from a certain platform, one can already get a lot of information and entertainment from it. If so, why not try slipping in some info about your stuff? Social media marketing is an effective marketing strategy to increase sales of the products you sell. As long as you know the steps, anyone can do it. Here are some ways you can do social media marketing effectively. Listen and practice the following steps!

1. Define Primary Social Media
It’s not that it’s not allowed to use more than 1 social media, but it would be better if you choose 1 social media that will take precedence over the others. This is due to several factors, such as limited time in the long term, available resources, costs to be incurred, and so on.

For example, you can choose Facebook if you want a simple way to manage it in the long term. Choose the Twitter platform if your product is targeted at young people. Instagram platform if you want to highlight the aesthetic side of your product. and so forth.

2. Know Your Target Market
Have you known the characteristic behavior of the audience that will be your target market? The data you need to know at least is about their age range, the language that is suitable for them, and so on. For a young audience, you can use flexible and relaxed social language. And vice versa, use polite and serious language for an audience who is mature and highly educated.

3. Create Interesting Content
After determining the main social media and your target market, the next step is to design appropriate content. Use a well-proportioned combination of images and text, so that your audience will be attracted within the first 5 seconds of seeing your ad. Embedding links and the occasional video ad is also a good idea. Periodically, don’t forget to evaluate the effectiveness of the ads you make!