English level B1 is the third level of English in the CEFR or the Common European Framework of Reference, which written by the Council of Europe. The B1 level is well-known as the “intermediate” and makes the students must be passed the A2 level. If you to take this English test to know how far your skills. Here is some information on how to pass the learn more, especially in speaking and listening as well down below.

How to Pass B1 Test of Speaking and Listening
In the B1 test, you will be interviewed by the examiner about everything. So, you have to practice a lot to increase confidence. If you do not speak regularly in English, make sure to go out and make an effort to practice with other people or even natives. You can also ask your family members at home who can speak English well and watch television channels in English.

In this test, the examiner will talk about several things, including:

1. Range of words

The first aspects of the B1 test that you should know are your range of words. The examiner will talk about topics of your everyday life and use a range of words so well. Make sure to minimize the mistakes, so you will get a very good impression of them.

2. Your pronunciation

Then, the examiner will also check your English proficiency, especially in speaking. You will be judged whether your speaking in English can be understood or not. They might allow you for having accents, but mistakes are not good for your results.

3. Your accuracy

The last tips on how to pass the B1 test of speaking and listening is by knowing your accuracy. The examiner will judge what you say should be quite clear and how accurate your grammar is.

That’s all the information about easy tips on how to pass the B1 test of speaking and listening that you need to know. Make sure to study hard and practice the conversations, because the more you practice, the more you prepared as well. So, you will pass the test and get the best result.