If your company has a special division to handle digital marketing, then that is very good. Because you can run digital marketing inline in one company. But if not, you don’t need to be nervous either. Because you can synergize with existing digital marketing companies and agencies. One of the best options is King Kong. With this great King Kong marketing review you can see why King Kong is the best for you.

Let’s describe what are the benefits of synergizing with a digital marketing company that you will get for your company. By not recruiting special employees for the marketing division, it means that you have cut the company’s burden. If you recruit again, you will not only have to pay their salaries, but also their health benefits, training costs, and other facilities that will increase the burden on your company. However, if you synergize with a digital marketing company, you only need to pay the amount of the agreed contract. Of course, this is much simpler and easier.

By handing over digital marketing work to partner companies, you don’t need to give additional tasks to a supervisor, you don’t need to control individual discipline, because all you need is to control the achievement through KPIs that have been agreed between you and the digital marketing partner company. This KPI should be contained in a work contract so that each party can jointly control the cooperative relationship according to their respective rights and obligations.

The two things above, in essence, will help you to stay focused on business progress. Expanding business relationships, focusing on strengthening communication with other directors, and also having plenty of time to do internal team and product development in the company. Because digital marketing matters have been handled by a separate company. It can be likened, when you use the services of a digital marketing company, then your company now quite get everything done by others.