You’ve certainly heard the term sandwich generation. That is the generation that is pressed for economic problems because they have to bear their own families. Be careful, do not let the child be burdened by retirement, because it should start investing in the right solution. One of the most common types of investment is investing in gold.

In addition to teaching to save with discipline, this is very useful later in retirement. Check out some of the following tips that can be learned so that investment runs well and is controlled until the time can enjoy retirement later.

1. Minimum 10% of Income Invested
The greater the salary or income earned each month as an entrepreneur, employee or employee, the more the necessities of life also increase because income and needs develop directly proportional.

Life needs are usually classified into three types, namely primary which is a need that inevitably has to be met, while secondary needs are needs that can be met and can support life. While tertiary needs are tertiary needs that are used to improve the comfort of life or are practically just what is desired.

Often most people are not aware that tertiary needs are seen as secondary needs, while others argue otherwise. For that, make a list of monthly budgets by classifying each of your needs so that financial management can work well, including allocating these funds for investment.

Keep in mind that long-term investment can be started at any time. Even though salary or income is still low, anyone can invest a minimum of 10% of total income.

2. Take advantage of Auto Investment from Banking
Almost all banks now have auto investment facilities. You can use this facility to reduce the possibility of losing investment funds for other purposes. This facility indirectly disciplines an investor to continue to invest long-term so that investment objectives are achieved as expected.

3. Apply for Health Insurance
Health insurance is certainly useful for retirement. Old age, it is certain that the health condition starts to decline may be attacked by a disease, so it requires to do regular health checks. Not to mention the high cost of treatment can be someone’s obstacle.

However, this condition could have been avoided if one had prepared health insurance early. Routine fees paid every month will certainly help when sick in retirement.