In general, a compressor is used or functions to provide air with high pressure. The working principle of a compressor like this we usually find in automotive engines. The second function of the compressor is to assist chemical reactions by increasing the system pressure. Compressors like this can be found in the chemical industry or related to it. The compressor is also in charge of dispensing gas and liquid fuel through the installation of gas pipes. Also, in pneumatically working heavy lifting equipment, a compressor is used in its function as an air dispenser for power. Meanwhile, if you require a compressor that is perfect for your work in the garage, we suggest you go to Garage Master Blog.

A compressor when viewed from the way it works, there will be two types of compressors, each of which works differently. The first type is a compressor with a working method and the second is a compressor with a dynamic working method.

Positive displacement type compressor. This model compressor works with the positive displacement principle in which the air is compressed by mechanical action, then at the same time the volume of space is reduced, so the internal pressure will automatically increase.

This high pressure is used for various purposes according to the designation of the compressor. This positive displacement compressor is used in reciprocating compressors and rotary compressors.

Meanwhile, in the dynamic model compressor, it is a continuous-flow machine where the rotating element rapidly circulates air, changing the pressure. Draws air on one side and compresses it with a mass acceleration that increases the kinetic energy so that it turns into high pressure. The increase in air pressure occurs by converting energy from air velocity into a constant volume pressure in the space, but the air in the space is given velocity. Then at the same time, the velocity is converted into pressure. This can happen because of the air in the room whose volume remains under pressure. Compressors that use this dynamic model are usually turbo axial flow devices.