Property has a fairly stable selling value from year to year. You can invest property if you choose the right investment instrument. For that, you must choose an investment instrument that is in accordance with your ability. One of the investment instruments that you can choose is a condominium. You can choose Riviere as your investment instrument.

You can choose to sell the property or rent it to someone else. If you rent the property to someone else, there are some tips that you must do so that you can benefit from renting the property.

1. Repair & Clean
If we are already willing, then the next step that needs to be done is to prepare the property as best as possible. Prospective tenants of our property will certainly examine everything he finds in it. Therefore, before renting out a property, make sure we have made improvements first. Also, make sure all equipment is functioning optimally and in good condition. Like drains, power lines, etc. The amount of damage found on the property can reduce the rental price. After that, clean our property. Make sure it is free from dust and dirt when prospective tenants want to survey the property.

2. Know Market Rent Value
Determining the right price is a must thing to do just before renting out our property. Therefore, do a survey first so that the rental price that we specify is not too cheap or expensive. The condition of the property and location is an important determinant of rental prices. For example, if our property is located in an area where many expatriates do business, then the rental price of our property can be set high. Look at the location around us and note the rent value and also the specs offered. Our potential tenants will certainly tour around the location to get the best rental prices and facilities.