Over-the-top or OTT is a modern streaming media service that is distributed to subscribers via the web and applications. This is today’s entertainment that is becoming a trend in almost all circles of society.

OTT itself can be interpreted as an online content provider that stands independently. One of the common OTT products is video-on-demand (VoD), but not infrequently it is also based on audio streaming services. What is clear to access it you also need an internet network. Unlike iptv canada, apart from its catch-up service, OTT offers more flexible entertainment. You can watch it at your leisure and anywhere using any device that allows it. The way to monetize OTT is through a monthly or yearly subscription. Although there are free ones, usually you will see ads on YouTube as compensation.

In North America, 50 percent of the population likes OTT subscriptions like Netflix. There are several reasons why they are now starting to switch from traditional formats to OTT services, including:

Offering high-value content at a relatively low cost,
Offer original content that is not live on other platforms,
Compatible with various devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, PCs, tablets, and even game consoles.

Of course, that does not mean traditional services will disappear completely. This is because OTT is often only used as an alternative entertainment because it is more flexible.

Many users complain that they cannot enjoy IPTV and OTT broadcasts smoothly. Buffering often occurs, the video is broken or there are channels that can’t be played. So that things like that don’t happen, it’s a good idea to follow some of the tips below:

Make sure the internet network is stable and fast enough, at least 20Mbps for IPTV and 10Mbps for OTT.
Manually set the video quality to match the internet speed.
The device used is compatible with IPTV or OTT media player applications.
The device specifications are quite adequate, starting from RAM, chipset, storage, resolution, and others.
Buy a subscription package from an official provider so you don’t have problems in the middle of the road.