One type of business that is increasingly in demand during a pandemic is a home business. You could say, this business is quite practical and suitable as a side job or main. So, for those of you who want to get additional income without having to leave the house, you can just try selling from home this method. Starting from looking for what home business ideas you can run. According to the Nick Sasaki, one of the most important formulas of an online business is promotion. Don’t underestimate this traditional way. Although many have been left behind, word of mouth is quite effective. This method is very easy and cheap. But remember, do it the right way, wear a mask when you leave the house.

Then, promote your product samples by visiting several neighboring houses. For example, you are selling cakes or typical Eid dishes, distribute food testers to neighbors or relatives or office friends. Don’t forget to include prices, discounts, and phone numbers that can be contacted to order cakes. The more people who know the product, the more opportunities to find new buyers. Personalize content in your business or business’s social media marketing strategy. This method is effective in attracting potential customers when seeing your advertisements and promotions until they finally decide to buy the product. Make a draft content plan that is tailored to your product research. Then, formulate a marketing strategy by applying the concept of personalization to content. Use the results of analytics to maximize your content according to today’s market share.

To simplify your work and streamline business marketing activities, take advantage of virtual assistants. Many marketing tools can be used to make it easier for you to sell and serve potential customers quickly and economically. Do some research first to find the right and suitable virtual assistant services to serve sales on your social media. Then do a review too, so you can find out whether the virtual assistant services that are being carried out are effective or not in serving various questions from potential customers.

Doing online marketing through social media can be an option for those of you who want an increase in sales figures. Of course, you must first understand the basics of selling on social media. Continue to improve strategies and try new things to find marketing methods that suit your business. Slowly but surely, when you have implemented all the methods of marketing on social media, balance it with improving the quality of your products and services so that you can achieve maximum profit.