When it comes to choosing baby skincare products, you can visit the website of bee decorations. In addition, parents need to be a little more careful. Newborn skin is very sensitive and can cause irritation if exposed to these care products. To make it easier to choose baby skincare products, you can read these tips from our bee decorations website.

1. Choose special baby care products
Choosing special baby care products will be safer for baby’s skin because the formula and ingredients used are indeed proven safe for babies. This baby product can be used up to children aged one or two years, before switching to special products for children.

2. Choose coloring and fragrance-free products
Parents should carefully read the label on the product packaging. Baby care products that contain dyes and fragrances are feared to be able to disrupt the respiratory system in infants and cause irritation.

3. Avoid choosing antibacterial products
Although the content of antibacterial can kill germs, actually the content is not good for the baby’s skin health. In newborns, you can simply clean it using alcohol-free wet wipes or special baby soap.

4. Alcohol-free
Alcohol can cause the skin to become dry, both on the skin of adults and in children. But not all types of alcohol can make dry or irritated to the skin. Avoid products that contain ethyl alcohol, but if the packaging is written Cetearyl alcohol or fatty alcohol, this should still be used because it does not cause irritation to the baby.

5. Free of parabens and phthalates
Parabens are usually used as preservatives, while phthalate is a substance that is usually used as a softener. Phthalate can cause reproductive problems, allergic asthma, and cancer. While parabens can cause hormonal disorders and skin irritation. The chain of compounds derived from parabens is thought to disrupt the endocrine system and cause maternal reproductive disorders and child development.