Sourdough bread is bread made using wild yeast fermentation without the addition of instant yeast or bread improver. This yeast can be made from wheat flour, fruits, and even vegetables by fermentation before being used as a source of sourdough. The bread that made from natural wild yeast is healthier, easier to digest, fragrant, and rich in flavor because during the fermentation process wild yeast converts compounds in bread into simple compounds that are more easily absorbed by the body, so the body does not need to work hard to digest food. this can save valuable enzymes in the body. Apart from that microorganisms also add a lot of nutrients and nutrients from enzymes produced by wild yeast during the fermentation process. these enzymes can improve health and are anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidant

Another advantage of natural yeast bread is longer shelf life because wild yeast and microorganisms produce antibacterial compounds and increase acidity so the bread can be stored longer. Besides, many people will be able to consume sourdough bread because it is easy to digest. Sourdough bread is very good for digestion because natural yeast and good bacteria contained in it have eliminated starch so that the digestive tract no longer needs to work more after we consume sourdough. Recent studies from the University of Eastern Finland found that rye flour (rye) commonly used in sourdough recipes contains antioxidants and can increase good bacteria in the gut. In just one piece of bread, you can get various benefits from whole grains for your intestines.

Eating sourdough bread can increase daily vitamin intake in the body. The entire process that goes through in making sourdough bread will produce various vitamins in the result that can help the body better absorb nutrients. Compared to normal bread, eating sourdough bread is proven to help your body absorb magnesium, zinc, and iron even better. Wow, don’t you think that sourdough bread has such great benefits and is helpful for our bodies. If you used to go along eating sourdough bread because it’s popular, now you want to consume it regularly for the sake of digestive health.