Maybe not a few of you who think that canoeing is the same with kayaking. Even though it’s different. Equally water sports that use light boats that are paddled and controlled by their paddles, but it turns out that if you look in more detail it looks like the difference What’s the difference? Apart from that, if you love kayaking, don’t hesitate to check out the most recommended Kayak Parts for Sale Online.

Here are some differences between canoe and kayak:

The first difference is that canoes are usually enjoyed in calm waters and are more transportation or recreational. However, kayak boats are usually enjoyed in more extreme waters such as rivers with heavy currents. Because that’s not everyone can or want to try Kayaking. Only those who have brave courage.

The next difference is in the design of the boat. Kano usually has a deck, while the deck is closed. With the deck open, those who enjoy canoes can move more freely.

While the closed deck surrounds the pedestrian will provide protection and a sitting position that locks the paddle’s body. For extreme waters, in addition to a closed deck, a kayak boat will be added with a spray skirt whose function is to prevent water from entering the boat.

What’s different is the sitting position. Canoers usually sit by folding their legs. When sitting, the canoe paddling will sit in a seat and put both legs at the top and also the edge of the boat.

How about it? The rowers will sit more into the stern (back) of the boat with both legs straight forward in a kayak boat with knees resting on a kind of support bearing named thigh braces.

Finally, the paddle is also different. For canoes, peddlers usually use paddles that have a single blade (one), while the paddle for kayaking uses a double-bladed paddle (two). Why is it different? Because they need paddles that have efficient thrust and they can get them by using paddles that have double blades.

What, pretty much the difference between canoes and kayaks? Which one do you choose, canoeing or kayaking? It’s up to you because you must have your own taste. I like to relax using canoes and not a few who like to adrenaline by kayaking.