Investment is one way for people to increase their current income. However, not a few people get losses instead of profits from their investments without help from quotex corretora. One of the causes of these losses is the public’s ignorance of the investment world so that they are deceived by either a system or certain individuals. Lately, there are often cases of fraud in forex by a system called a trading robot. A trading robot is a system created specifically by a company or group that plays a role in playing consumer money for investment in the trading sector.

Because of the convenience and benefits it offers, people are complacent and use the trading robot a lot. However, people should be more selective in choosing trading robots to manage finances. If he gives a definite advantage, it’s impossible. because if there is a definite advantage, why doesn’t he put his own money in? One easy indication that people can see is the benefits offered by the trading robot. Because in a trading system even a professional will make mistakes and don’t always get a profit.

The same thing with CoFTRA, regarding the community, must be wary of trading robots that promise fixed profits and high value. This can be a difference between fake trading robots and real ones, because the principle of trading with robots is that there is no absolute advantage. Then if it is offered in the form of packages, we must also be suspicious, then our member gets member system must be careful if all trading robots should not exist. because the real trading robot we can invest whatever we have and want in which broker.

Before investing, especially forex trading, people must understand the principle of high-risk high return. This understanding must be understood by the public before investing in trading because trading itself is an investment that has a high risk. The authorities themselves are currently still regulating the implementation of trading robots, which until now there are no rules. CoFTRA also hopes that people will start to care and understand the concepts related to this trading robot.