Choosing the best one man and a brush is not easy but it is harder to choose the best paint color for the house. If you are planning to feature white, black, and gray as your minimalist home paint colors, be sure to mix them with lighter colors or combine them with darker colors of the same color type. These three colors can make a room feel formal and professional, so it’s perfect if you want to apply it to a workspace or studio. Alternatively, you can also use these three colors in rooms that are large and also have lots of natural lighting sources. The imbalance of gray, black, and white can make a room feel both tense and mysterious. The key, You must find a balance between the three colors to bring out the aesthetics of the house.

If you still have trouble, here are references and minimalist house paint color combinations that we can choose. The combination of cool and warm colors. As the name suggests, these cool colors are usually easily found in nature. However, that does not mean that this color can be applied in various rooms in our home. Warm and cool colors are not suitable for placing in bed because they stimulate vision and trigger our brains to work once again so that we cannot rest in peace. Instead, try to put these warm colors in a room that usually contains people who want to socialize, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and family gathering room.

Lighting is also important to maximize the effect of cool and warm paint colors. Choose the right type of light so that it can increase the warm impression, such as yellow which is suitable for dark colors, while white lights for warmer room colors. Cool colors are usually inspired by the color of the sky, sea, or grass, so they can create an impression of serenity in any room. To get a house that seems calm, you should choose cool colors in the bedroom and living room. Make the windows large so that You can keep the fresh effect it has on cool colors. You can also use white lights at night to make the calming effect even more pronounced.