If you decide to keep beagles, you need to pay attention to the way you care for them. Give vaccinations to your puppy. Schedule a vet appointment to provide the vaccinations needed since the puppy reaches the age of 6-8 weeks. Veterinarians can provide advice regarding the risk of certain diseases in your city/area, as well as what vaccinations need to be given to fight these diseases. In addition, try discussing it with your veterinarian about dog neutralization so you can determine the best choice for your dog.

Schedule a check-up with a veterinarian — at least every six months. It is important for you to take the puppy to the vet regularly so that any health problems can be immediately identified from the start. When caring for puppies, you also need to provide preventative care for health problems, such as treatment to eradicate liver and flea worms.

Teach your puppies that a visit to the vet is fun (or, at least, not a terrible thing). When visiting a veterinarian, bring a snack so you can give it a snack. If you have brought a puppy to the vet since he was very young, he will be more accustomed to visiting a veterinarian.

Try microchip implantation on your puppy. In the process of implantation, a small microchip will be injected into the dog’s skin. Each chip has a unique ID number registered in your name and is proof of dog ownership. This implantation can be done, especially for Beagle dogs because if at any time he runs away and explores the surrounding environment, the party who finds it (eg the animal shelter) can scan installed chips, find out the owner and return it to you. Implantation like this has been done in developed countries like the United States. In Indonesia alone, implantation like this is not yet (or very rare) done so that the process of identifying lost pets tends to be done by disseminating information (especially through social media).