For yoga lovers, the term chakra is certainly not foreign to their ears. Those who like to take yoga classes are usually invited to balance the chakras in the body because this is where human energy radiates. Health experts often tout the benefits of maintaining a balance. This can also be done by eating nutrient-rich foods, exercising to reduce stress, or seeking positive activities to maintain mental health. Balance is also an integral part of yoga. Not only physically, but yoga is associated with building muscle strength and flexibility, as well as practicing spiritual experiences. You can try Binaural Beats.

Chakra is taken from Sanskrit which means “wheel” or “circle”. So-called because these energy centers spin like wheels. Chakras are believed to be historical concepts associated with ancient India, Tibetan Buddhism, and other beliefs. In this case, the chakras are considered the center of energy in the human body. This energy, called prana, can be balanced through yoga practice accompanied by breathing techniques.

In yoga, pranic energy can be maximized to circulate around the body through channels called Nadis. This channel is also known in the science of acupuncture, an ancient form of medicine that needs needles.

Just as human energy can dwindle due to external factors, such as stress or lack of sleep, the chakras can also be affected by other things such as lifestyle habits and emotions. This is because the chakras are related to the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person’s body. Chakras that are too active or too passive can affect a person’s condition. Since chakras can affect the body, we need to know how to balance them. Simply put, just take some time to relax, and one can begin to restore balance.

The balancing of each chakra has a different yoga pose and can also respond to one’s breathing and meditation practice.