Many people know about the dangers of drinking and driving. It is one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents happening around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) report released in June 2021 explained that around 1.3 million people died due to traffic accidents worldwide every year. One of the most common cause is driving under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating psychoactive substances. It is important to get Tampa DUI Lawyers Near Me when you have been in an accident caused by drinking and driving.

The high number tells us that there are still many people who are desperately drunk driving. Not only endangering yourself, driving or operating drunk can also endanger the lives of others. So do not be surprised, if the act we must avoid. Because the influence of alcoholic beverages can make the performance of the brain can not function optimally. Especially if the drink is consumed in large quantities. The effects of alcohol on the brain can interfere with concentration while driving.

Besides, another effect is that it makes a person’s visual ability decrease and can cause drowsiness. In principle, it affects the central nervous system, interferes with concentration, blurred vision, so sleepiness. When driving a person must be aware, fast, and responsive to changes around him. However, alcohol can affect the brain’s ability to focus less and the decision-making system in the brain becomes impaired.

Under the influence of liquor, the brain’s performance cannot be maximized. Although it depends on the amount consumed, the effects of alcohol on the brain can cause a person to be more difficult to predict, slow to react, and experience decreased visual abilities. So the reflex automatically decreases, that’s why drivers who are under the influence of alcohol often become unwary, so they don’t realize how fast the vehicle is going. In addition, it causes vehicle drivers forget whether they have utilized safety equipment, such as wearing a seat belt or a helmet. Decreased visual acuity due to alcohol also increases the risk of accidents.