Mobile Legends has entered its 21st season, all players will repeat their struggles towards the Mythic ranking according to the calibration results determined by the system. Most players will return to the Epic rank, which is considered a hell tier because many players like playing weird, drafting, or other annoying technical problems. However, push rank at the beginning of the season turns out to have advantages too. One of them is that the duration to reach Mythic is longer so you can relax more when looking for matchmaking, especially if you use compte lol unranked during the push rank. What else is the advantage of early-season push rank? Because at the beginning of the season all previously Mythic players were calibrated back to Epic or Legend, then you have the opportunity to meet pro players in matches. Whether it’s a friend or foe, being able to share a frame with a figure that you usually only watch on a smartphone screen is a matter of pride.Playing against professionals can motivate you to bring out your best abilities to be notified by them, or it could be that your mentality collapses because you are pessimistic that you can win first. What’s important, when you find the initials of the squad you know or the blue ticked players, don’t forget to screenshot and show off to your friends the moment. Push rank early in the season is like a new page for many players. For some players who are aiming for global top status, stepping on the gas on the first day is the best way to boost your position at least to be detected on the leaderboard. This will motivate you to consistently maintain your rank and keep pushing until your points are not overtaken. Early in the season, not only former Mythic caste down, but the residents of the Epic tier also still reside there. Because the calibration downgrade of Epic players only reaches Epic V or Grandmaster, it’s still possible for you to meet those who have skills below you.

If you dream of being a global top but you missed the push rank at the beginning of the season, your path is certainly hard to catch up with the leaderboard points, which are getting higher every day.