Nature is not a world that is familiar to most people. Only those who have mental steel, often venturing into the wild, and want to learn from nature can conquer it. However, no one can guess when bad things can happen. As we know, there is a lot of survival equipment sold on the market, but to get the best quality, you can find it at

It is possible, even though you are not an adventurous person in the wild, you are in a condition that forces you to be in the wild. Whether it’s forests, mountains, or on a desert island. Well, as long as help hasn’t arrived yet, you must survive as long as possible.

There are several steps you must take to survive in the wild. Anything?

1. Find a safe overnight location
When you get lost in a forest or a place you’ve never been before, it’s very important to find a safe overnight location. At the very least, you should find a place that is dry and not too low.

Avoid valleys and areas that can be irrigated because floods can come at any time. You should also choose a place that is free of insects and weathered trees. This is to prevent you from falling on the tree while you sleep.

2. Light a fire
Fire is one of the keys to survival in the wild. If you are unable to make a fire using wood or stone, use a battery. Connect the positive and negative poles of the battery to the foil. Sparks of fire created into lumps of dry and soft objects such as roots, clumps, or cloth. Put it on firewood.

3. Looking for clean water
Humans can’t last long without water. Find a source of clean and clear water. If you doubt that the water can be drunk or not, you can cook it. You can also collect rain and dew to drink. If you know the roots and stems that contain water, it will be very useful.

4. Looking for food
In an emergency, you must survive eating anything. Wild animals are not as easy as you imagine to be captured. You can eat small animals such as fish, frogs, or lizards.

5. Send an SOS signal
While waiting for help, you can save yourself by making an SOS signal. Make sure you are in the open and high enough.